Friday, March 31, 2017

LePage pardons dog that was sentenced to die

Scouting for Food campaign cartoon

Not every cartoon has to be hard nosed political all the time, I will admit to being a bit that way more than perhaps I should, but here is a nice positive cartoon about Scouting for Food.

Brownback vetoes Kansas Medicaid expansion bill

Monday, March 27, 2017

University employee accused of pulling tail off rabbit at KU day care center

The Tulip Festival comes to Belle Plaine, Kansas April 7-9

How LePage found a Land for Maine’s Future project he can support

Climate change and the harvest

Trump’s budget cuts could affect Topeka, Billard airport operations

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Paul LePage spends more and more time in Washington as his term draws to a close

Lobster industry fears lost sales from ramped-up Canadian exports

Lawrence City Commission to review proposal to enforce sidewalk ordinance

This issue comes up in just about any city. 

It strikes me as unfair that my neighbour across the street might get stuck with a bill for a sidewalk repair while I never will as in my area the sidewalks go down only one side of the street.

It seems to me that if a sidewalk is in need of repair then everyone in the neighbourhood or the city should share the cost of that repair. Sidewalks are a public right of way over which the adjacent landowner can exert no control so the public at large should shoulder the cost of any repairs.

House, Senate resolutions label pornography a public health crisis